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userfiles/file/membresCFV-2014.pdfThe South of France Film Commision - Var's goal is to facilitate the work of produccers and their crew teams and to promote the Var area near the professionals of the film industry at a national and international level. The services are free :
Five major roles :

1 Resources -To gather both human and material resources and research the geographical, historical, and cultural heritage of the region through :
- website 
- Production Guide
- Location library including over 50 000 photos
- Updated crew list
The South of France Film Commission – Var sends out over 12 000 photos in response to an average of 200 production inquiries per year.

2- Marketing and  promotion
Marketing and promotion : to promote sites in the Var to producers for their future films

3 -Assistance and consulting : to act as a liaison between the film industry and all people concerned by its activities in order to facilitate team work on preparation, shooting and ensure on-site support for the productions.

4- Government Liaison for Film and Television Production, filming permits...

5-Economic surveying : to evaluate overall strengths and weaknesses of the local business community’s ability to service the film industry.

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